"Hey there lego fans, It's your old pal, LegoDude here!"
Alex's channel quote


Alex Shamblott (born on February 25th, 2001 [age 19]) known as TheLegoDude 2 andBFDIfan, is an American SpringCaster


Alex originally joined YouTube in 2013, where his name was 'TheLegoDude,' where he made Logo Bloopers, DVD openings, Logo Histories, and BFDI videos, but his original account got terminated in 2018, so he came back as 'TheLegoDude 2 andBFDIfan,' where he reuploads some of his videos from his previous channel from when it got terminated

Relationships with Other SpringCasters

Owen Nelson - He's a good guy, we do a lot of stuff together, we both like the BFDI (Battle for Dream Island) series

Mario MasterMunkin - I'm really glad he's looking out for me, we have a lot of things in common, just like Owen

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