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"I'm into YTPs!"

Charlie to Owen Nelson at one point


Charlie Wrigley (born 30 September 2003 [age 17]) known as Yoshi Dash Media YTP POE, is an English SpringCaster

Personal Life

Charlie was born on September 30th, 2003 in the UK. Charlie had a Girlfriend named Kelsey Lowe, but they broke up, current condition is unknown.


Charlie started YouTube in 2016 as Yoshi and Rainbow Fan 2003, then changed it to Yoshi Dash Media YTP POE. Charlie does Logo Bloopers, VHS, YTPs, and more.


Charlie's company KVCWP is owned by LogoDude Productions, ran by Joshua Burgess, which LogoDude is part of SpringCast, since 2017, where Charlie met Owen Nelson, Chad Sanchez, Xavier Willocks, and then met Mario MasterMunkin, and Daniel Smith in 2018.

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