Ethan Bruce (born on June 15th, 2000 [age 20]) known as Ethan Bruce Teh Animator, is an American SpringCaster


Ethan is on YouTube as Ethan Bruce Teh Animator, and he makes a couple Logo Bloopers series

  • Says Studios Bloopers
  • Paramount Logo Bloopers
  • August Entertainment Logo Bloopers
  • Hanna-Barbera Rainbow H-B Logo Bloopers
  • Paramount Video Logo Bloopers
  • TV Puls Logo Bloopers
  • Ethan Bruce TV Entertainment Intro Mishaps
  • Alliance Logo Bloopers
  • Atlantis Logo Bloopers
  • 20th Century Fox Television Logo Bloopers
  • Castle Rock Entertainment Logo Bloopers
  • Playstation 1 Bootup Bloopers
  • Atari Bloopers
  • ABC ID Bloopers
  • Village Roadshow Pictures Bloopers
  • AVCO Embassy Pictures Logo Bloopers
  • Starz Logo Bloopers

That's where he met Owen Nelson and Joshua Burgess.

Relationships with other SpringCasters

Owen Nelson - he has a good mind, but I got concerned at one point, ever since the YouTube Video Editor went away, he did say he was gonna cancel Logo Bloopers, but it's a good thing he found another video site to use, but since that, he hasn't made a lot of Logo Bloopers since then, but he still makes Logo Bloopers videos

Joshua Burgess - I like that he also does Logo Bloopers, I also like that he roleplays Logo Bloopers as well

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