Ethan McMillan (born on October 22nd, 2001 [age 18]) known as blue sack animation, is an American SpringCaster.


Ethan joined SpringCast in 2018, in which he knows SpringCasters Owen Nelson and Keegan Click. Ethan is the Video Game and Magic Trick Expert of SpringCast, he shows everyone different kinds of tricks, whether it's be Magic Tricks, or Yo-Yo Tricks.

Relationships with Other SpringCasters

Owen Nelson - We are a good team together, we decided to go with a half goatee for each of us, we work fantastically together in US History, and we both eat a good lunch

Keegan Click - He's a really good person, and he loves music, I seen his collection of Records, Cassettes, and CDs. I told him to dance at a Pep Rally dance, and he did great

Chad Sanchez - I never met the guy, but he sounds awesome, especially as the President of SpringCast

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