"The root for SpringCast includes every single SpringCaster getting along with everyone else"
Jason's SpringCast Quote


Jason Sanchez (born on November 30th, 2000 [age 19]) is a Chilean SpringCaster


Not much is known about Jason joining SpringCast, other than his closest cousin, Chad Sanchez, invited him in, where he was able to see his other cousins, and he met other SpringCasters including Andrew Hull, Owen Nelson, and Mario MasterMunkin.

Relationships with Other SpringCasters

Chad Sanchez - We have a good relationship, we both came from Spanish speaking countries, and were born in at least the Americas

Owen Nelson - This is the first time we met, and we immediately have a good relationship with each other at SpringCast, and we should meet each other some time

Andrew Hull - We never talked, but sometime soon we should talk to each other because I think he is a fantastic guy

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