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"Hello my name is Mr. Cool Dude and I am the swellest person ever!"

Mr. Cool Dude's best quote


Mr. Cool Dude is a spinoff of Drew Pickles, but he is a straight and clean person. There are some similarities between Mr. Cool Dude and Drew Pickles. They both go to places, they both wait in long lines, and they both cause havoc and deal with managers. Mr. Cool Dude was created by former YouTuber IceManNJD2 and debuted on November 26, 2011 and lasted until March 2017, airing for six seasons. It was then announced that TruCallingCBS202 will be reviving the Mr. Cool Dude and Awesome Swellman series in November 2020. The revival officially premiered on January 30, 2021.

What's different about Mr. Cool Dude is that he is straight and clean, he screams his way through the line to pass the time, he screams at anyone when they misbehave, he farts on people that are irritating him, and he screams at the manager.

Mr. Cool Dude is the leader and founder of The Swell Gang

He has a cousin named Awesome Andy

Mr. Cool Dude is voiced by Radar Overseer Gordon (Adult Male #3)


Mr. Cool Dude loves Big Macs

Mr. Cool Dude is the coolest and swellest person to ever exist

Mostly every Friday, an episode of Mr. Cool Dude goes to was uploaded on IceManNJD2's channel.

Both Mr. Cool Dude and Drew Pickles both go "Hahahahahahahahahahahaha" and "Bag, that was swell."

Swell City

Mr. Cool Dude and the other members live in a city called Swell City. It was formed in 1995 and has a population of over 41,000 people. Awesome Andy used to live there too, but he moved on April 18, 2015 when he aired his final show.


Mr. Cool Dude joined with IceManNJD2 and Awesome Swellman to SpringCast in 2016, they still lived in Swell City, but they were allowed to join the SpringCast Crew. In November 2016, IceManNJD2 and Owen Nelson were in conflict with each other, and IceManNJD2 quit SpringCast, and took the gang with him. Afterwards, in September 2017, Owen and IceManNJD2 reunited their friendship, but since he quit YouTube, he let Owen be the owner of Mr. Cool Dude and Awesome Swellman, as well as everyone else.