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"Hey everyone, UltraMono1740 here"

Ryan when he introduces himself in a video


Ryan Berkhardt (born July 14th, 2000 [age 20]) known as Just Monika, is an American SpringCaster


Ryan started YouTube in 2013, as UltraMono Mugen. In 2016, Owen Nelson got him inspired to do Logo Bloopers, called 'Blue Fang Games Logo Bloopers', in which he uses Speakonia starting on Episode 4. In 2017, Ryan changed his username to UltraMono1740. In 2018, he changed his name to シン・ライアン (Shin Ryan), which confused a lot of the SpringCasters whenever he comes into Owen's streams.


Owen invited Ryan to be part of SpringCast, where he started making videos for that company in 2016.