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SpringCast Broadcasting is a video based company that does lots of epic things, such as Lip Sync Covers, Parties, Hang outs, Battles, and many more, and was founded on February 2014.

Logo Bloopers Series owned by This Company

Anything from TruCallingCBS202 Productions and/or Nelson Entertainment

Anything from Cinemation Productions

Anything from Sack Animators

All 6 Carlprit songs done as Lip Sync Covers, which feature Owen Nelson, Rhiain Moore, Aaron Sanchez, & Santiago Sanchez

Wiki Activity

We are SpringCast, the #1 Canadian-American-Mexican Video company, where we talk about many things, such as Logo Bloopers, including ones from people like Owen Nelson, Xavier Willocks, Joshua Burgess, etc. We are also about Pop, Latin, Techno, and lots of other music, whether they are old, new, or even rare.

Ideas for SpringCast Headquarters

  • Chad Sanchez gave the idea of offices and maybe apartments in the HQ
  • Owen Nelson gave the idea of an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, while the outdoor pool has large music speakers and a stage
  • Lance Nelson gave the idea of a tunnel to go in between both pools
  • Aaron Sanchez gave the idea of bulletproof glass
  • Ethan McMillan gave the idea of the location possibly being in Tallahassee, Florida

Latest activity

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Founders: Chad Sanchez, Owen Nelson, Alex Sanchez

CEO: Chad Sanchez

Head: Owen Nelson

Founder of Wiki: Owen Nelson

Chairman of Wiki: Chad Sanchez

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