"Just because someone who's not a SpringCaster has more success than any SpringCaster, doesn't mean they have more power"
Tyrone to Alberta Sanchez when discussing motivational speeches for SpringCast


Tyrone Johnson (born on April 10th, 1984 [age 36]) is a Jamaican SpringCaster.


Tyrone has always been a Florida type of person, which is why he moved to Florida in 2017, he survived all the hurricanes that hit Florida in 2017, such as Hurricanes Irma, Florence, Michael, and Dorian.


Tyrone doesn't really have experience in SpringCast, but he knows a lot of them, Tyrone met Daniel Smith and Alberta Sanchez when their school was doing a big project, Travis helped them ace it, and then Daniel introduced him to the rest of the family, then was introduced to Owen Nelson, Jason Sanchez, and Santiago Sanchez.

Relationships with Other SpringCasters

Daniel Smith - I knew him first when his school was doing a lot of projects on different topics, I helped him out with that, and he did good

Alberta Sanchez - She has pretty good thoughts on ideas for projects, I always call her the "Stable Tower of Brains", she never minded that at all

Owen Nelson - I only met him once, and he seems like a good guy, who always likes to listen to a lot of music, and it doesn't matter what type it is, as long as it's awesome

Xavier Willocks - I never met or talked to him, but I heard he really makes some really cracked up jokes that made everyone laugh, and I never knew he shared the same birthday as me

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